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Take Control of Your Fuel Costs with a FuelIT Fleet Card

FuelIT is a fleet management card system created by Lard Oil Company in 2007, enabling customers to take control of their fuel purchases. This technology helps you manage your business, control costs and purchases, and create simple and easy-to-read reports. It allows account managers to control everything related to fuel purchases, including:

  • What type of fuel can be purchased
  • Who is authorized to use the FuelIT card
  • What days of the week fuel can be purchased
  • How much fuel can be purchased
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Local Customer Service

If you ever need assistance with your fuelIT account, you have access to local customer support staffed by real people, not robots. Our staff consistently checks our customers’ transactions helping to identify any inefficiencies or fraudulent activity and bring those issues to your attention.

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Why Choose FuelIT?

Our analysis and reports give you the tools to reduce costly waste. You can cut your company’s overall fleet management costs up to 15%!

Electronic authorizations are made with driver ID numbers and data is captured for all transactions. This helps protect against unauthorized spending.

Track and control irregular or unauthorized activities immediately. Cards can be selectively authorized to only purchase fuel or to include parts, maintenance, and other fleet management purchases.

Drivers can fill up any of our fuelIT retail locations. Learn more.

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